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How To Have Perfect Alignment

Having perfect alignment is key for not only hitting it straighter but having consistent contact. Many students that I have taught, even those quite experienced, have had a slight misunderstanding when it comes to alignment. For example many aim their clubface and body directly at the target. However this way of applying correct alignment is in fact incorrect because in golf we need to factor in the distance you are from the ball.

The correct way of ensuring correct alignment is placing two clubs on the ground. One club can be placed on the other side of the ball and the other along the feet line. The club that is on the other side of the ball will point directly at the target. This will define where the clubface should be pointed. You can use the aid of the club that is on the ground to ensure the clubface is pointed directly at the target. Just ensure the clubface is perpendicular to that club.

The other element of alignment is the body. The club that is along the feet line should be pointed just left of the target. This is because we must imagine there are parallel lines between our body and the target. When we set up our toe line, shoulders, knees and hips should all be pointed just left of the target.

The reason why alignment is also very important is that it affects the mechanics for our swing. When alignment is too far to the left it can cause the swing path to become too upright and therefore resulting in a slice. The opposite is true when the alignment is too far to the right causing the path to be too inside resulting in 'hooks'.

Therefore every time you practice just make a habit of placing two clubs or two alignment sticks on the ground and practicing hitting shots with perfect alignment. Again our goal is to create a foundation for your swing that reacts positively to correct set-up fundamentals. The better your fundamentals the better your swing will form.

If you have any further questions about ensuring correct alignment, just send me a message and we'll book in for a time.

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