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How To Recover From A Bad Start!!

We've all been there when we've looked forward to our game only to start not how we planned. This can be a somewhat overwhelming experience as the mind starts to wonder what the round could unravel to. The biggest piece of advice when this happens is to remain calm and start to enforce positive self talk. The best line I use for myself is 'No matter what the sun will rise again tomorrow'.

An example when I needed this mental affirmation was when I played in my local Club Championships some years ago. I had been playing really well leading up to that point and I had put the expectation on myself that I was going to do well. I went through thorough preparation and warmed up exactly how I usually do for any tournament. I drove the ball down the middle in my opening tee shot but then shortly after difficulties came. I then proceeded to make an 8 on the hole after placing one in the water and burying my ball in the bunker.

This was a tough pill to swallow on my opening hole as a part of you kind of wants to give up. I then went ahead and bogeyed the next hole which made me 4 over after two holes. I then had to really calm my mind and make a choice. I started to recite that positive affirmation mentioned earlier which brought everything into perspective. Once my mind started to calm down, I then made a plan technically with my golf game. From then on I shot one under for the remaining holes to shoot 3 over for the day. Even though it wasnt a real low round for the beginning of the Club Championships, I was very proud as I was able to turn a disaster into an extremely positive experience.

The biggest keys to turning your game around always involves calming the mind first followed by a gameplan. The gameplan should be kept as simple as possible. As mentioned in previous posts, I always resort back to shortening my swing and choosing longer clubs than what I do normally as it will naturally start to reduce my swing speed. Slowing it down and keeping things simple usually results in improved consistency and thus the best chance in turning the game around.

If you'd like any further help in turning your game around just contact myself for an Evaluation.

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