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How To Use Flight Scope To Benefit Your Game

Using technology such as Flightscope or Trackman can benefit your swing but it does depend on what kind of swing issue you're working on. If you are a beginner or someone going through major swing changes, then technology won't be so benefical for you. If you're more of an advanced player and understand how to manipulate path and clubface properly, then it can be quite useful.

I sometimes use flightscope when giving feedback on my swing path. Often times I have a tendency of swinging too in-out meaning my path comes from inside the ball and travels in an outward direction. This then usually results in me closing the face and causing a draw. You will find that path is the biggest influence on how the clubface reacts. For eg. if you're a slicer of the ball, the more the path comes from outside the ball, the more the clubface will open.

Now there's nothing wrong with being in-out or out-in as long as the clubface compensates for the path thus causing the ball to still go generally straight. As a rule of thumb if the clubface angle is half the path angle, the ball will still end up at the target. That means if you have an in-out path of 4 degrees and the clubface is around 2 degrees, the ball should still end up at the target.

In my instance I realised that my path was around 4 degrees in-out with most of my shots. For me to be really consistent though, I like to be under 2 degrees as it means my hands have to do less work closing the face. Under pressure this is always far better and it means I have an easier time hitting different shots such as a fade or a draw.

The method I used to lesson the path angle, was simply to feel that on the downswing I moved the path more out-in. After working on this for a few swings, I managed to see the path angle under 2 degrees. The last step was then to feel the face more open as if I only worked on path, I would probably miss the target more left as I'm used to closing the face. Once I opened the path as well, I then saw the ball go straighter with greater compression through impact.

This feedback was excelent for me as it enabled me to lessen the need for my hands to compensate during the swing and thus make me into more of a consistent golfer.

If you'd like to book a time in to use the flightscope for a lesson just let me know.

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