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Maintain Spine Angle for Exceptional Striking!

Maintaining spine angle is key to hitting the ball consistently.  The best players in the world will always work on ensuring that their spine angle is the same at address as it is at impact.  One of the best at this is Jason Day.  As per the picture you can see that he addresses the ball with his spine at 45 degrees and then will try and keep as close to that on the way through. Maintaining your spine angle in not an easy assignment because with moving parts occurring in the golf swing, it is a lot harder to keep your spine at a fixed angle.  Maintaining your spine angle requires flexibility and strength in your core and lower back.  Doing exercises that target these areas will help with this movement. People who tend to swing ‘over the top’ (causing a slice) will tend to change their spine angle quite dramatically on the downswing.  They tend to thrust their hips forward and straighten their legs.  If you feel you are coming forward and straightening your spine angle on the downswing, a great way to correct this issue is placing a chair behind your rear while you swing.  Feel the chair on the left rear at set-up and then ensure that you feel the chair on your left rear once again when you hit the ball.  If you do this, you will keep your hips back and keep a great angle at impact. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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