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Mastering Your Finish For Chipping Is Key To Consistency!!

One of the best ways to have a very consistent chipping motion is knowing where your body should be at the finish. The key is to take your mind off impact as much as possible. If you can focus on mastering your finish and then committing to the chip shot, you will feel a greater sense of flow and rhythm to your action.

What I make sure of when trying to have a great finish is to make sure my body has transferred onto the front foot whilst turning and my club feeling like it has released. This almost feels like I'm hitting a 'cut' shot for every chip. This is especially true as I am someone who 'draws' the ball with my long game so for me to have the correct chipping action, I almost feel like I'm doing the opposite.

As mentioned previously I like to put around 55 to 60 % of weight on my front foot during set-up. This then enables me to transfer successfully onto the front foot. As Jordan Spieth states he likes to feel like he's covering the ball. Simply meaning he likes to feel like his chest is turning and moving through the golf ball so that his strike is consistent. Patrick Reed also mentions that where ever the centre of the chest is, is where you will strike the golf ball. Therefore no matter what distance your chip shot, ensure you move through the shot.

When you're into the grain it's even more important that you commit to a practice swing that has you moving through the golf ball. The club is going to want to dig into the ground so committing to your follow through will greatly increase your chances of a good strike. As with any distance chip, it will also be valuable knowing how far roughly you take the club back so you can match it with the same length follow through.

If you'd like any further help in being consistent with your chipping, just book a session in with David Waters Golf.

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