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Plan B Swing??

Often times during the round we can find ourselves not being able to time the ball as well as we did at the beginning. This can often be quite frustrating and detrimental to the round particularly if we're not able to find solutions to fix the problem. When faced with this, we need to be able to come up with a style of play that is more simple and thus giving us the confidence to be able to still score well.

I would often find during my round that by the 10th hole my swing would start to stray. After countless lessons, practice and oncourse sessions I was able to discover a way to rectify my round when not playing my best. The first piece of advice that I would say when not timing the ball as well as you could is choose a longer club. If I was at an 8 iron distance, I may choose a 7 or even a 6 and grip down the club and swing softly. I may even turn these swings into a half swing. Once you have a longer club in your hands, it will improve your timing as you are not trying to hit the ball as hard.

The next thing I would do is to make my swing is as simple as possible. This for me would usually entail narrowing my stance and feeling as though my swing is quite tight. This means I put a lot of emphasis on trying to turn within a confined space. When I feel I'm turning within a confined space, it stops any feeling of swaying. This is very useful when trying to feel more confident over the ball.

The last part that I do is focus on impact. More specifically I try and feel as though I'm punching all my shots. Punching simply means hitting low shots. When I try and feel as though I'm hitting low shots, my hands stay more forward of the clubface at impact. This enables me to have even more control of the clubface and thus enabling me to be more consistent.

This style for me personally is known as my Plan B Swing. You can copy this same style or you can come up with one yourself that is simple to adopt and able to be used in game conditions.

If you'd like any further help on your game just let me know and we'll book in for a lesson.

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