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The Evolution of Tiger Wood's Game over the Past Few Years

It is great to see Tiger Woods back to near his best versus where he was a few years ago. He he has shown great strides in getting his swing back to where he was early in his career.  Things to note that I see a lot better is him keeping more centered when he takes his backswing meaning the head is not swaying as much.

The consequence of him not swaying as much means he is able to get more weight on to the front foot when he completes his follow through and thus has a straighter spine angle at the finish.  This swing is really a swing that is built to last as before he used to have minimal hip turn with lots of movement of the head up and down.

He also has a much improved arms to body ratio.  His old swing you would be able to see his arms a long way from his body on the downswing.  This often created in him a disconnect as the club would get stuck behind him thus causing the club head to often flip to the left.

Now with this current swing he keeps his arms closer to his body which creates more consistency on the follow through without the fear of him flipping the club.

The other positive in his game is his much improved short game.  It was obvious that he has worked extremely hard at this area and is great to see him scrambling like he used to.

Im looking forward to him competing with the best in the upcoming Masters and hopefully picking up a 16th major!!

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