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The Secret To Small Chips!

Small Chips are often the hardest chip for most students who come in for lessons. They will often feel not too bad around 20-30 metres from the green but when it's a delicate chip of anything under 10 metres, they often struggle. The reason for this is that the body's reaction when it sees a small shot can be to stop using the body. Thus the arms and hands start to take over which as you've probably experienced, causes a multitude of errors including 'fatting' and 'thinning'.

The way we need to treat this shot is firstly doing an exercise that keeps the body moving. You will often see me in lessons talk about gripping down at the hosel and resting the shaft on my left side. I will then feel the motion of turning my body back and through. This is the exact motion when confronting any kind of chip. The second part is ensuring that you have at least 60% of weight on the front foot (left foot) during the action.

Therefore commence the chip with 60% of weight on the front foot and when you go through the ball, ensure you that you turn and finish with 100% of weight on the front foot. You can test this by holding your finish position and lifting your back foot. If you weight is still on the front foot, you've done this correctly but if you fall backwards, you know you haven't transferred your weight correctly through the ball.

Once you can feel this motion of turning and moving your weight through the ball, you will start to hit these small chips crisply. The last part is just making sure that you have soft grip pressure, even tempo and having the same length backswing with the same length follow through.

If you'd like any further help with chipping just contact myself through David Waters Golf.

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