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Tiger's Way of Keeping in Shape Physically and Mentally

Tiger’s dedication and desire to maintain high levels of fitness have not only transformed his own game but revolutionized the game of golf. More and more professionals are realizing the importance of fitness to improved performance as it not only increases their ability to hit long distances but enables professionals to focus for longer periods through increased energy levels.

Tiger’s fitness regimen is outlined by the following: 1.Cardiovascular warmup exercise (30 minutes) including treadmill, stair stepper or bike. 2.Total body stretching focusing on the muscles of the legs and trunk. 3.Core exercises (focusing on posture and balance) Woods may sit on a medicine ball and perform dumbbell curls while trying to maintain his balance on the ball. 4. Endurance runs of seven miles (11 kilometers) and speed runs of three miles (five kilometers) 5.Weight Training On high intensity days he lifts 80% of his body weight. 6. Cool Down Tiger stretches again to cool down

The other main aspect of Tiger’s game and perhaps the most mysterious is his mental side. Players such as Aaron Oberholser have reported as describing his mental game as that of ‘horrifying precision’ especially after Tiger shot 28 on the front nine at East Lake late 2007. The key was visualisation. Although this may not sound like a new concept, Tiger uses visualisation not only to picture great shots but whenever he needs to incorporate a new swing move. He feels and pictures what his body needs to do for every shot.

He also uses this same visualisation as he plans his assault on courses. He in fact spends less time on the Driving Range as a result.

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