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Try This 5 Minute Putting Warm-Up!!

Putting unfortunately can be an often neglected part of the game particularly when we're pressed for time before our game. However if we can even put at least 5 minutes in before our game, we can dramatically lower your putts per round. One of the biggest causes for not being able to putt at our best is the inability to manage speed during the round especially if we haven't warmed-up. We can sometimes start to improve our putting later in the round as we've finally allowed our stroke to match the actual speed of the greens.

The best tip to ensure you have the feel before you venture to the course is simply place 4 balls down on the green and find a hole with a flat surface. Step out about 4 steps to the hole and start to practice putting balls to the hole with perfect speed. The key to doing this is having very soft grip pressure (around 3/10 with 10 being the highest) and work out precisely how far you nee to take the putter back. Of course how far you take the putter back should be matched with how far you take the putter through.

The reason why it's key to do this before your round is that sometimes the green speed will change depending on whether you're playing in the morning or afternoon and if you're playing a different course. The reason why we start with a flat putt is because it becomes easier then to adjust if it's uphill or downhill.

In fact I count out all my putts from 3 steps onwards when I play. I want to have a very clear idea on each putt how long I need to take my stroke back too. If I have a 10 step putt for example I would simply rehearse my 4 step putt first then multiply the stroke by 2.5 times. If it's an uphill putt and I measured it to be 8 steps, it may be playing similar to a 10 step putt. Just make the adjustment and you'll realise quickly how beneficial this system is.

In summary when trying this method, ensure you keep two constants the same. These being: tension and speed.

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