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What Is The Ideal Distance From The Ball??

I often have students come to me asking what the ideal distance is from the ball. There are two answers that I most commonly give. These being trying to maintain a distance roughly a handspan from the body or when setting up to the ball, place the club straight down between your legs and ensure your heels are half way up the grip. The most accurate is the latter as sometimes we can be deceived on whether our hand is truly a handspan from the body.

The most common flaw that I see is typically someone who stands too far away from the ball. The first identifier is obviously the considerable distance the butt end of the club is to the body. Also I'll typically notice their arms being quite straight and their balance being compromised when they swing through the shot. When the arms are too far away from the body it typically causes disconnection resulting in 'thin' shots and 'top' shots.

Once I have them in the right distance from the ball, I'll then have them soften their arms and lower the butt end of the club. This instantly gives them better connection with their body during the swing as the arms stay attached and their wrists begin to hinge correctly. It also improves their balance during the swing as the pressure moves from being on their toes to now the middle of their feet.

Now when you're too close to the ball, it can cause an inability to maintain spine angle through the impact area. When you do stand further away, it can help greatly in having your glutes stay back through impact as well your spine being more over the ball. This in turn can help you rotate more effectively through impact leading to more consistent strikes.

If you have any questions about whether you're standing at the right distance from the ball just book in with myself at David Waters Golf.

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