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Why Keeping Stats For Your Round Is Crucial For Improvement!!

When I was trying to significantly lower my handicap I tried to find a strategy that would help me improve for my following round. The most effective strategy that I was able to utilize was tabulating statistics from my most recent round. This enabled me to pinpoint exactly what had occurred during the round and what I needed to focus on during practice..

To calculate statistics, I would simply place three letters on different columns on the scorecard. These would be F (Fairways in Regulation), G (Greens in Regulation) and P (Putting total). Every hole I would go through and place a tick or a cross in the box if I hit the fairway or green. I would then put a number in the box of exactly how many putts I had on the hole also.

At the completion of the round I would then tally exactly how many Fairways, Greens and putts I had. I would also go one step further and for every green or fairway missed, I would also put in brackets an 'L' (Left) or an 'R' (Right) to signify where I was missing most of my shots. After I had done my tally, I would then work on where my strengths and weaknesses lied. I would analyase whether it was a technical, mental or strategic error. I would then utilise this information and target my next practice session focusing on turning my weaknesses to strengths.

An example of me using statistics to prepare for my next practice session includes realising that every time I had a 5 iron in my hand, I would tend to miss the green left. Therefore I would make an effort to spend more time practicing with a 5 iron during my next session. It's amazing how even identifying what to practice can make a significant impact on your performance for the next round. The other area could be 15-20 foot putts. Therefore I would allocate time once again to putting from this range and simulating as much as I can, competition conditions.

Therefore every time you play, just take note of your statistics and use these to make a basic plan for your next practice session.

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