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How To Break 100

Breaking 100 is everyone's goal when they first start getting in to golf. It's the first milestone for any golfer wishing to improve. The time it takes to break 100 will depend on a few factors including how much you dedicate to practice, lessons and course time. Ultimately it will depend on how much of a priority golf is in your life.

To break 100 I would at least hit a bucket of balls per week and an hour of short game practice per week. I would also try and get to the course at least once a fortnight and have lessons once a month. Obviously if you wanted to speed up this process I would be increasing the amount of practice and lessons per week.

The biggest secret to breaking 100 is minimising the 'blow out' holes per round. More specifically if you could have your worst score as no more than 3 over par on a hole, you will greatly increase your chances of lowering your score. Most people have trouble off the tee and also around the green. I would strongly recommend only using driver if there's no serious danger of missing the fairway. Therefore hit majority irons off the tee whether it be your 5 iron or even your 7. Sometimes it might mean putting your driver away for the majority of your round except for maybe two holes.

The next part is making sure you work on your green speed so that you can average most holes with only a two putt. If you count up the amount of putts at the end of 18 holes, try and keep the number below 36. Also when near the green have your first choice to putt the ball except if it's unavoidable such as being in long grass, bunker or having to go over a bunker. You could realistically putt up to 20 to 30m off the green.

Lastly developing shots that get you out of a bunker in one go and working on your technique of lofting the ball over the bunker will save you many shots around the green. This is where lessons are pertinent so that you have a great system to pull these shots off regularly.

If you'd like any further information about Breaking 100, book in for a lesson so that we can customize strategies for you.

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