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How To Increase Speed In Your Swing

The first aspect to increasing the speed of the swing and therefore distance of your shots, is ensuring your technique is quite sound. You never want to increase the speed of the swing if there's real fundamental flaws in the action. For eg. if someone is coming over the top, increasing this swing speed will create an even more uncontrollable slice.

The second part of increasing your swing speed is understanding the correct sequence of your swing. During the backswing the upper half moves first followed by the lower half. On the downswing however it's the opposite, the lower half must move first followed shortly after by the upper half. Therefore when attempting to increase your speed always keep this exact sequence.

When training to swing faster, I utilise the 'woosh' drill. What I do is I take an alignment stick and set the stick parallel to the ground as if I'm about to hit a shot in baseball. The 'woosh' represents the moment of impact. What I do is I swing the stick back and forward as fast as I can and try and hear the 'woosh' slightly after where the stick started. What Im ultimately doing is trying to hold on to my wrist angles (around 90 degrees) right up until my inner left leg where I will then release all the energy through the ball. If you hear the 'woosh' sound before where the stick started, you're ultimately releasing all the energy too early.

Once you've used an alignment stick, then turn your attention to something heavy for eg. swinging two clubs at a time. Try and do the same thing and swing as fast as you can. The more you alternate between something light and something heavy, the more you build up your fast twitch fibres and thus swinging faster.

If you have any questions or would like to book a lesson focused on increasing distance, just let me know.

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