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If You Have A Problem Do The Opposite!!

Updated: Apr 25

Now what does this title mean. It simply means if you are someone going through swing dramas for eg. slicing the ball, try and feel what it's like to do the exact opposite. If you visit a coach this is what they are inherently trying to make you feel. If you exaggerate the opposite feeling correctly, your body will start to find somewhere in the middle which in essence will be straight.

There are several approaches on how you can do the exact opposite. You could start with clubface or path as those two form the reason why you veer off line. When going through this process, it's important that you don't expect that you will start to hit the ball straight immediately. This will occur slowly as you work on each aspect individually. Once you do it successfully, you will start to see the rewards.

The first aspect that I will tend to work on first is path. If someone is slicing the ball then they are traditionally coming from outside-in through impact. I will have them develop a backswing first that enables them to start coming from in-out on the follow through. I will typically put an alignment stick or a pool noodle beside the ball pointing to a 1 o'clock position (Right of target). I would do the opposite if that person is 'hooking' the ball excessively.

Now the key is making sure first that the ball starts consistently right of the target. If the ball is still starting left, you need to keep swinging toward 1 o'clock until the ball's initial flight is 1 o'clock. It doesn't even matter if it keeps slicing, as long as the ball starts right. The next element is clubface. Just ensure now whilst travelling to a 1 o'clock position, the clubhead starts turning left. Be careful when doing this as it's not about turning your body more but solely about turning your clubface.

If you work on this 1 o'clock position as well as turning the clubface more to the left, you would have turned your slice into a draw and in essence along the way, have completed the exact opposite in your technique.

If you'd like any further help in transforming your swing just enquire with David Waters Golf.

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